01. As part of the job interview, you will be interviewed by a [panel] of people working in the department.
02. The janitor broke one of the glass [panels] in the door while he was sweeping the hallway.
03. After the news tonight, we'll hear from a [panel] of experts on the effects of the government's new legislation.
04. They let us try out the control [panel] when we visited the recording studio with our high school band.
05. The instrument [panel] in the space shuttle has hundreds of buttons, meters, gauges and flashing lights on it.
06. The conference featured a [panel] of writers who answered the audience's questions about their novels.
07. The ceiling is covered in beautiful carved [panels] featuring scenes from the Bible.
08. The wood [panelling] in the basement really gives it a nice look.
09. The game show featured a celebrity [panel] of movie stars and professional athletes.
10. Applicants for the job will be interviewed by a [panel] which includes representatives of the different departments in the company.
11. The paintings of the Ghent Alterpiece consist of twenty-four [panels], twelve inside and twelve outside.
12. The central [panel] in the painting shows Mary holding the baby Jesus on her knee.
13. A [panel] of experts from the labor and business world are working together to improve working conditions and productivity in the region.
14. In December of 1993, a United Nations [panel] approved the creation of a new Commissioner for Human Rights.
15. The walls of the room are [panelled] in some kind of imitation wood.
16. A regulation soccer ball has 32 leather [panels] on it.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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